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Sunday, 2 December 2012

OBIEE installation on LINUX 5.5

OBIEE on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 - PART 3

OBIEE installation on LINUX 5.5

Make sure that you have created a separate user for OBIEE.

Unzip the downloaded files and copy the DISKS to the the bishiphome folder

the bishiphome folder should have all the DISKS in that.

Start the installation by selecting runInstaller.

Step 1-14 : click NEXT

Step 2-14: Select skip software updates.

Step 3-14: Select Simple/Enterprise install

Step 4-14 : Resolve any missing “Operating System Packages” error before going any further, as shown below

If there is any package error fix it by using the YUM install command

Step 5-15 : give ur weblogic password.

Step 6-15 : Provide you INSTALLATION HOME directory

Step 7-15 : select business intelligence /leave default

Step 8-15: Provide the database connection details

as below:

Database type : Oracle Database 
Connect string : localhost:1521:orcl   (give your oracle service name)
BIPLATFORM Schema : <schema created with RCU>
Password : <password>

Complete the remaining steps and start the INSTALL

Make sure that all the steps have succeeded.

Click NEXT and finish the install.

Now the installation is complete:

access OBIEE from the below url:


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