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Sunday, 2 December 2012



Hi All,

For those of you are planning for OBIEE patch using Opatch in WINDOWS here are the seteps.

Step 1: Download the Patch

Download the patch 13742915 from oracle support here, and unzip and copy it to the ORACLE_HOME location as mentioned below.

Step 2: Verify the current BI version

Step 3: Stop all the BI Processes as mentioned in the Readme file.

Step 4: Set the PATH variable as shown below

If you have already set the PATH Variable and it points to another location (database) and you do not want to change it. then use the command prompt to set a session bounded environment variable.

For this Open an command prompt with Administrator (run as administrator) and type in the set statement below.

Make sure that the command prompt is not closed until the patch process is complete.

Step 5: Set the CLASSPATH environment variable.

CLASSPATH should point to the jre and jlin in the ORACLE_HOME directory

Check the inventory file to verify that the path is good to be installed and the prerequisites are matched.

Opatch>opatch lsinventory

Step 6: Navigate to the PATCH folder in the ORACLE_HOME.

Step 7: Apply the Patch

opatch apply -jre D:\FUSSION\Oracle_BI1\jdk\jre

Make your changes accordingly

Select Y when prompted

Verify that the Opatch is succeeded.

Let me know if you have any issues.

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