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Saturday, 1 December 2012

OBIEE 11G Multimedia Video

OBIEE 11G Multimedia Video

 Linux x64

1. Make sure analyticsRes folder is active in weblogic for customizations

Check out the section Exposing a Static Directory in WebLogic Server

I normally use this location for customization


(Remember i will make this deployment accessible from the following location setting is ticked) when deploying analyticsRes folder in weblogic.

2. Upload your wmv file to the linux box

On Dashboard
3. Insert a text box and paste code below dont forget to change the name of the wmv file in the code below.

<embed src="/analyticsRes/myvideo.wmv" width="650" height="430" CONTROLLER="true"  AUTOPLAY="true"  loop="true"></embed>

Enable HTML on Text Box

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