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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Master Detail Event in OBIEE 11G and Pass multiple events to one detail report

Master Detail Event in OBIEE 11G and Pass multiple events to one detail report

Master-detail linking of views allows you to establish a relationship between two or more views such that one view, called the master view, will drive data changes in one or more other views, called detail views.
Lets follow the steps below .
Step1: Create analysis .

Step2 : Go to column properties of STATE_ABRV column .

Step3 : Go to ‘Interactio’n Tab –>Primary Interaction –> Send Master Detail Events .
Enter the channel name .

Step4: Click results and create Pivot view as compount Layout and save the analysis .

This report acts as master report .
Step5: Create another analysis for detail report .

Step6: Click on results and create a chart view.Edit the chart view ,click on chart properties –> Enter the Channel name that we specified in Master Report . Drag the STATE_ABRV Column into slider section .

Save the report .
Step7 : Create a Dashboard and Drag these two reports and you can observe that the STATE_ABRV values can pass to the Detail Report .

Note:You Can Pass the multiple Events into Detail report separating the events by Comma(,) .
Find the below screenshot for Example .In the above screen shot Revenue Analysisreport, the event name for the column ‘STATE_ABRV’ is prasadmadhasi1. For the report Revenue Analysis By Quarter report for the column ‘Quarter’I gave the event name as 793379 . Here the report Revenue Analysis By Quarter can act as Master as well as Detail report .
Now Am creating one more detail report called City Details chart . The chart properties looks as follows .

Now move all the created reports into dashboard and test the flow .

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