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Monday, 26 November 2012

Oracle BI Schedular Setup

Oracle BI Scheduler Setup 

Setting up Oracle BI Scheduler Database 

A schedule database is required for Oracle BI Schedule service to work.
Use following steps to configure Oracle BI Scheduler:

  • Identify a database
  • Create scheduler tables
  • Configure Job Manager
  • Configure XML files
  • Start Oracle BI Schedule Service
Identify a database

The schedule database would hold scheduler tables. You could choose any supported database to be

scheduler database. Supported databases are: Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Teradata, and SQLServer.

In this document we assume that Oracle database is used for Scheduler database.

Create a new schema to host the scheduler tables. For example, Sched_1@OBIEE 

Create scheduler tables

Scripts to create scheduler tables are located under \OBIEE\OracleBI\server\Schema folder.

Note : [ In new version (11g) schema available in - 

\orainst\bifoundation\OracleBISchedulerComponent\coreapplication_obisch1\schema Folder ]

This will create scheduler tables.

Configure Job Manager 

Launch Job Manager ( go to Start > Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > Job Manager)

From the Job Manager’s File menu select Configure Options.

Schedule Configuration screen will be displayed. Select Database type as your schedule database type, enter data source name, user name and password. When completed, the screen will look as below:

Configure XML Files

You need to run the cryptotools utility that will update credentialstore.xml file. You also need to update instanceconfig.xml file. These xml files are located underOracleBIData\web\config folder.

Note : Always take a backup of these two xml files before making changes.

Run cryptotools

Cryptotools utility is located under OracleBI\web\bin folder. Launch MS Command Prompt. Go to

OracleBI\web\bin folder.

Type following command and hit return

cryptotools credstore -add -infile C:\OBIEE\OracleBIData\web\config\credentialstore.xml

Enter Admin as Credential Alias
Enter Oracle BI’ Administrator as User Name
Enter Administrator’s password
Encrypt the password : y
Passphrase for Encryption : (Of your Choice).
Overwrite Passphrase to xml : n
Overwrite credentialstore.xml file : y

Update instanceconfig.xml file
Instanceconfig.xml file is located under OracleBIData\web\config folder.
Open it in an editor like notepad. Add following line of code in Instance Config File :

<CredentialStorage type="file" path="C:\OBIEE\OracleBIData\web\config\credentialstore.xml" />

Save file.

Start Oracle BI Schedule Service

Launch services ( go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services )

Select Oracle BI Schedule Service and click on Start

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