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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pointing OBIEE 11G to new BIPLATFORM and MDS Schemas

Pointing OBIEE 11G to new BIPLATFORM and MDS Schemas

Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware components require the existence of schemas in a database prior to installation. These schemas are created and loaded in your database using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).
I created  BIPLATFORM and MDS Schemas  by executing Repository Creation Utility(RCU) prior to OBIEE 11G installation and configure those while installing OBIEE 11G .
For Example I created   BIPLATFORM and MDS Schemas in one server and Installed OBIEE in another server , Everything is fine .
Unfortunately the server that I used to create Schemas(BIPLATFORM and MDS ) got crashed :(   and my OBIEE services got down .
We can do it without reinstalling OBIEE11G again .
To solve this problem  follow the below steps :
We need to make changes in both Enterprise Manager(http://localhost:7001/em) for Scheduler Configuration and Console http://localhost:7001/console ) for pointing BIPLATFORM and MDS to new schemas .
Step1: Download  Repository Creation Utility (RCU) from the below link.
Extract and navigate to rcuHome\BIN and double click on rcu.bat and create Schemas .
In my case created schemas are DEV1_BIPLATFORM and DEV1_MDS .
Step2: Login to em (http://localhost:7001/em). Navigate to Business Intelligence –> coreapplication and click on Schedular tab here you can find the TNS entry and User and password of the old schemas .

Click on Lock&Edit and change the TNS Entries as per ur database and enter User and Password  of BIPLATFORM .
Click on Apply and Activate changes .

After activated the changes it should ask you to restart some services DONT DO THATbecause we still need changes in console .
Step3: Login to http://localhost:7001/console and click on Services –> Data Sources .

We have to change the connection pool for the following schemas shown in screenshot.

Click on bip_datasource

Click on Connection Pool
Here we have to give the following parameters .
Restart may be required. URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<hostname>:<port number>/<Service Name>
(For Eg:jdbc:oracle:thin:@server1:1522/orcl)
Restart may be required. Properties:user=DEV1_BIPLATFORM
Restart may be required. Password: <Enter the DEV1_BIPLATFORM’s password)
Confirm Password:<Enter the DEV1_BIPLATFORM’s password again)
and  it .
Similarly do the same for the schema “mds-owsm”  that I highlighted in the previous screenshot .
Now, Stop all the OBIEE services and start it again .
In windows : Start –>All Programs –> Oracle Business Intelligence –> Stop BI Services/Start BI Services .
In Linux : Click Here for the steps .
Note : If you have a problem in starting any OPMN services first start bi_server1 that i mentioned in my blog entry that I have given above then try to start OPMN services again . you will get all the services up and running .
Hope this will help you .

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