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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Passing Hierarchy values to the detail reports(OBIEE 11g)

Passing Hierarchy values to the detail reports(OBIEE 11g)

OBIEE 11g provides a more powerful method for interacting with the hierarchy by offering the ability to expand and collapse individual levels within the same report column using the plus (+) and minus (-) icons adjacent to the displayed member values.
By using this option I created one summary report with Time Hierarchy and tried to pass the hierarchical values to the detail report , I came to know that we dont have the option “Is Prompted” for the Hierarchy in OBIEE 11.1.5!!!!!!!
Some how am able to find the solution and able to pass hierarchical values to the detail report by using the concept of GO URL .
Step-By-Step :
Step1: Create Summary report and Detail report .(I used SampleAppLite Rpd for this exercise)
Summary report Criteria:

Results :

Summary report Criteria:
 In detail reports for “Time”.”Per Name Year” should be Is Prompted .
Results :

Go to Summary report criteria and select the Hierarchical level properties for the Year column as shown in below screenshot.

Step3: Select Action Links and select Navigate to a Web Page as shown below .

Step4 :Give the Detail Report URL and click on Define Parameters .
In my case the URL is :http://ih596y7bs:7001/analytics/saw.dll?PortalGo&path=%2Fusers%2Fweblogic%2FDetail&options=dr&Action=Navigate&col1=”Time”.”Per Name Year”&val1=”2009″

Step5 : You can find the New Action window (Here we have to provide parameters for the detail report)

Remove ‘=’ after Go in URL section and Check all the Fixed and Hidden check boxes as shown in above screenshot.
Step6 : Here col1 is “Time”.”Per Name Year” and we should pass values of this column to the detail report . To do this , scroll down and you can find the parameter ’6′

Here select the ‘Column value’ and select the Time Hierarchy as shown in below screenshot.

In my scenario Year is text column and that should be in double quotes .So that keep parameter 6 in double quotes as shown in below screenshot .

Click Ok–>Ok–>Ok.
Click on results and Click on the Year values in the hierarchy. You should be able to pass Year values to the detail report .

The Year 2008 is prompted!!!!

Similarly do the same for all the columns in the hierarchy..

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