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Monday, 26 November 2012

Resetting OBIEE 11g weblogic admin password

Resetting OBIEE 11g weblogic admin password

Steps to Resetting weblogic User Password:
Login into WLS (Web logic Server)Administration Console as Administrator privileges
in the Domain Structure -> click the Security Realms -> myrealm -> User and Groups
-> Select weblogic user (Double click the user which you want to change the password) -> Password
Enter the new and confirm password.
Stop all the bi services and change (before take a backup of Current RPD, Catlog, boot.properies and change it that password) it password and save it.
Go to weblogic Enterprise Manager and deploy RPD (just new changed password RPD file) here you must put it u r new changed RPD password then click apply and restart services.

Down all the bi services then find it boot.properites files then set it your new password and restart all bi services. Then it will work with new password (RPD, Presentation services, weblogic Console/EM and Catalog).
Some more refernce method:

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